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Jens Bremeier

Some facts

Hi. I am Jens Bremeier. I was born in 1977 in Erfurt Thuringia. I have got a daughter since 2002 and a son who is born in 2011. I am married. I work as a music teacher for TonArt Musikschulen Gotha. Since a couple of years I am also a hamradio operator with the call sign DL2AJB.


Since 2008 I am a licenced hamradio operator. At first I had the callsign DO4JU. After "upgrade" I got the call  DL2AJB. I am a member of DARC e.V. OV Gotha (X17).

I am qrv in CW, Digital an sometimes (if I have to) in SSB ;)

See me driving around or check the weather here in

Jens Bremeier (Bremi / DL2AJB)
Lehrer bei TonArt Musikschulen Gotha
Grethengasse 207
99869 Sonneborn (Thüringen)

Telefon: 0151/19636276